Improve Financial Reporting with the Latest Features of Management Reporter 2012 Rollup 5 (RU5)

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Whether you are looking to move to Management Rerporter (MR) or are currently using it, Management Reporter Rollup 5 (RU5) brings a variety of new features to MR users, along with support for two additional countries. Key features in Management Reporter RU5 include:

  • Collapse Detailed Report into Summary View – Any report displayed in the Web Viewer can automatically be collapsed into a summary view. If you’re currently using MR, you will no longer need to create both a detailed and summary view of the same report
  • Default Report Link Location – When storing reports in, for example,  SharePoint or a network location, use the new default Report Link Location to easily indicate where most reports should be stored by default
  • Management Reporter Web Viewer as Default – Default report viewer for Management Reporter users has been changed to the Web Viewer, allowing reports to easily be viewed in the newest interactive report viewing experience.
  • Storage of Transaction Detail Updated – Transaction detail for each report is stored with the data mart database, and is no longer duplicated in the Management Reporter database. This means the size of transaction-level reports is smaller and the MR database will not increase in size as additional reports are generated and stored.
  • Drill Down to Dynamics GP DDM from within Desktop Viewer – Those using the Dynamics GP data mart integration can now drill down from any report generated to at least the account level. And, you can drill back from the desktop viewer to the Dynamics GP Detail Inquiry, Historical Detail Inquiry and Budget Transaction Inquiry windows.
  • Language Support for Brazil and Japan – You will now be able to use Management Reporter in Brazilian Portuguese and Japanese
  • Improved Quality – Last but not least, a variety of customer reported issues have been fixed including addressing issues involving SQL collation conflicts and data art data integrity

If you’re in the market for a new ERP and/or looking for a more robust reporting tool, we would recommend Management Reporter. Interested in learning more about MR? Check out this post “Top Benefits of Microsoft’s Management Reporter Tool”  here or contact Borek Business Solutions for more information.

Roger Borek, Borek Business Solutions, Oregon Dynamics GP Implementation and Services

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