Dynamics GP – Lot Categories and Extended Lot Attributes

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Dynamics GP provides users with the ability to assign a Lot Category to a Lot Tracked Item.  There are five user defined fields which exist as part of the Lot Category setup.  Three of these fields are string fields which hold 15 alphanumeric characters of text.  The other two fields are date fields.

When an Item is Lot Tracked, you can also assign a Lot Category to it.  For instance, if a business manufactures fabric, they may want to track more than just the Lot Number of the fabric.  To do this, they could assign a Lot Category which then allows the user to also track attributes such as the Dye Number, Pattern, and Final Inspector.  The five user-defined fields provided in the Lot Category are great for grouping and tracking items.  But oftentimes, users require more than just these 5 fields.

WilloWare’s Extended Lot Attributes (ELA) provides an unlimited number of user-defined lot attributes beyond the normal five provided by Dynamics GP.  The ELA fields are “attached” to the Lot Number, so they are available no matter where the Lot Number is used.  The ELA fields can be of any datatype, have one or more set as required, and have pre-defined values accessed from a Lookup.

Extended Lot Attributes integrates with:

  • Item Transaction Entry
  • Item Transfer Entry
  • PO Receipt Entry
  • Sales Transaction Entry
  • MO Receipt Entry

Besides offering an unlimited number of attributes, ELA provides for longer string  fields – allowing up to 60 characters of text.  The Lookup functionality allows users to keep their Lot Attribute data consistent and clean for reporting.  And with the instructions provided with ELA, you can easily pull the Lot Attribute fields onto reports through GP’s Report Writer.

If you’d like to learn more about this product or any of the other valuable WilloWare products offered, please visit www.WilloWare.com or send an email to Sales@WilloWare.com

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