Can Microsoft Dynamics SL be Hosted?

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Traditional on-premise implementations of Microsoft Dynamics SL give you complete control over finances, but owning the licenses has hidden costs. With having to maintain extra hardware - along with the associated ongoing IT support to keep up with your constantly changing business needs - the total cost of ownership can be high. For this reason, many businesses using Dynamics SL are looking to move to hosted solutions. This raises the question: can Dynamics SL be hosted? The answer is yes.

By working with your Dynamics SL partner, your entire data base and environment can be brought to a hosting provider. Your costs will then be limited to a monthly subscription fee that will handle the software maintenance plan and entitle you to upgrades at no additional cost. From an IT planning and infrastructure investment standpoint, upgrades are easier and cheaper. Plus, you decrease your technology risk with enterprise-class security, back-up, and disaster recovery at a much lower cost than doing it yourself

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1 thought on “Can Microsoft Dynamics SL be Hosted?”

  1. This is a great idea to have our ERP installed with a web host. It gives us so much freedom, not having to take care of physical infrastructure and not concern ourselves with the nitty gritties of maintaining the entire system. This way we just have to use the system.

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