3 Ways to Expand Your ERP Options

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If you are planning an upgrade into an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, you have many options to consider – choosing a reliable software provider, the right solution, and the proper deployment option.  Here are a few things to consider as you investigate the benefits of implementing an ERP solution.

  1. Carefully pick your team:  An ERP solution is not just any box of software that you can purchase at the local office supply store.  This is a powerful business management solution offered by certified or licensed software providers.  As such, you want to choose a provider that is not only familiar with their software, but knows how it will work for a company of your size and type and how it may integrate with other specialty solutions you have in place.  Your provider should also have experts to train your employees how to use the new ERP solution, troubleshoot technical difficulties, and provide technical support for subsequent upgrades.
  2. Choose your solution wisely:  When you meet with a certified software provider, have your list of ERP needs and wants.  There are certain metrics that you absolutely must have in order to measure your business success and there may be features that you may want to have in your solution.  A good software provider won’t sell you the same solution that everyone else uses, but will suggest which solutions best match your business needs and wants.  Your provider can show you solutions that can be successful, but ultimately you have to make the final decision.
  3. Deployment and other options:  You can have your solutions deployed on-premise, using your own servers and hardware or you can choose cloud-computing which uses the hardware of your software provider.  Cloud deployments remove an often significant up-front expense of purchasing or upgrading hardware.  While your on-site security features may be excellent, it is possible that your software provider has even more innovative security features.  Also, the cloud allows your team to communicate and collaborate using important business data from anywhere, and at any time.  The closer you get to real-time data, the quicker you can make the decisions that drive growth.

You have many options when migrating into a new or updated ERP solution.  Choosing a reliable software provider, ERP solution, and deployment method are significant decisions that impact the success of the implementation process.  Contact the specialists at Socius for guidance and support with making the best ERP selection for your business (https://www.socius1.com/contact).

By Socius, Ohio Microsoft Dynamics ERP Partner

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