The Ups and Downs of Migrating from FRx to Management Reporter

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Switching to Management Reporter (MR) or an alternative report writer is inevitable.  FRx will no longer be supported by Microsoft after July 8, 2014.  In addition, to keep up with technology advances you will be forced to switch as FRx is not supported on a 64 bit operating system;  it runs on a 32 bit system which is old technology.

Ups of Switching to Management Reporter:

  • Similar Concepts as FRx – MR uses Row, Column, Trees
  • Migration Wizard – Makes the transition easier.
  • SQL Server Platform – FRx used Access, while MR stores data in SQL.
  • More user friendly – MR has a cleaner interface, which is similar to Outlook.
  • Presentation enhancements – Page breaks, Logos and Graphics can be added to report headers and footers.
  • Undo and Redo Function - Nice enhancement when building reports.
  • Windows Authentication
  • Report Security Enhancements – Report level and tree level
  • Ability to send html versions of reports to non-viewer users (assumes they are launching html files inside network)

Downs of Switching to Management Reporter:

  • Forecaster – Reporting on Forecaster data is not available.  Forecaster data needs to be transferred to Dynamics first using a transfer tool.
  • Currency Translation – Not a feature in MR.  Must be setup in Dynamics.
  • Export Formats – The following formats are not available: Excel outline or export formulas to Excel.  In addition, if you export a report that has accounts, the format looks odd.
  • Row Linking – not supported

Management Reporter has certainly improved since it was first released and the upside is better than the downside.

T3 Information Systems is a leading Microsoft Dynamics partner in the mid-Atlantic and has helped hundreds of for profit and  nonprofit organizations improve their financial reporting.  Contact Us if you are looking to migrate from FRx to Management Reporter or looking for alternatives to FRx Software.

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