The Cloud Keeps Business Solution Selection a Business Decision – Not an IT Decision

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When you are trying to select a new business management solution, like an ERP system, there are plenty of business and process related factors to consider.  It can be enough to make your head spin…and that’s before you even start thinking about it from an IT perspective.  Once you bring technology into the picture, you are adding another layer of requirements and another group of people that you need to please with your choice.

The good news is that there is a way to keep your business solution selection strictly a business decision – the cloud.

The cloud enables you to deploy the ERP system that best fits your organizational needs and can best support your business processes without tying up your internal IT resources (  It removes the need for costly, up-front hardware updates or purchases to implement your solution while also removing the obligation for your technology personnel to implement, maintain, or secure your ERP system.

By removing the IT element from the discussion, you can quickly and easily realize true business benefits from your new ERP solution.  I recently heard another Microsoft Dynamics ERP partner discussing this concept:

“One of the first things I heard was that this was not a technology discussion, this was a business discussion.  That’s one of the reasons that we were able to focus online and actually completely forget about the technology and focus on the best business practices we could implement to try and improve the business processes.”  - Ryan Martin, @Work Management, Microsoft Dynamics partner to Dunlop Protective Footwear

Cloud ERP solutions give you all of the benefit of industry leading business management systems without the cost or constriction of IT (

To start the discussion about which ERP business management solution is the best fit for your organization based on your business needs and operational requirements, request a Socius Business Strategy Assessment today!

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