New White Paper - Apples to Apples: Comparing ERP Costs Accurately

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In a recent article, Apples to apples: comparing ERP costs accurately, Matt Kenney, principal of technology consulting for RSM, provides a checklist for each platform choice and an evaluation criteria for licensing, maintenance, risk and related hardware and software expenses so you can make the best choice for ERP deployment based on your companies’ needs.

Apples to apples offerIf we consider two of the leading ERP solutions, Microsoft Dynamics ERP offers both on-premise and hosted licensing options where NetSuite is deployed in the cloud.  Clearly you can compare ROI as an evaluation method but quantifying the benefits is objective.  This article focuses on the costs of each platform choice with real-life measurements that may be easier for you to objectively identify.

RSM based their findings for this article from the more than 2,000 ERP implementations in the last thirty years.  We are national partners to some of the largest ERP software vendors including Microsoft Dynamics ERP Business Solutions and NetSuite end-to-end cloud ERP suite.

If you are evaluating options for a new ERP system, the professionals at RSM can help.  We have a sophisticated understanding of a variety of financial systems and our professionals come from a wide variety of industries.  We assemble a team based on industry and reflective of your technical needs.   Learn more today at

By: Kathy Davidson – National Microsoft Dynamics ERP partner


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  1. I think this is very important to choose ERP cost according to company need. After read this article, I can find the best ERP solution for my company.

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