Microsoft Dynamics AX Tip: Automating Reports

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When running a large report or running a daily or other frequently required report, scheduling provides a convenient option for ensuring that the report is readily available when you need it.
Benefits of Automating Reports to Run on a Schedule:

  • no need to be tied to your computer while a report runs
  • repetitive reports can be run without having to re-enter parameter details each time
  • reports can be distributed directly via e-mail to interested parties at precise dates and times
  • avoid performance impact in the live system by running large reports in off-peak hours
  • alerts can be configured to provide report status as they run

Reports can be scheduled by System Administrators or Super Users for distribution either via email, printed hard copy, or saved to a specific file location.

To Schedule a Report in Microsoft Dynamics AX:

1. Open the Report Print screen.
2. Click DESTINATIONS. This will allow you to change the defaulted Screen destination to File or E-mail.


3. Select FILE to run the report to a saved file location.

  • Enter the file name and path and select the file format.
  • Click OK to return to the Report Print screen.


Select E-MAIL to distribute the report to an individual or distribution list via email.

  • Enter To, CC, Subject and select the file format for the report that will be included as an attachment in the email.
  • Click OK to return to the Report Print screen.








4. Navigate to the BATCH tab.

  • Check the BATCH PROCESSING box.
  • Select the BATCH GROUP from the list of options.
  • Click the RECURRENCE button to schedule the report.


5. The RECURRENCE screen will open.

  • Confirm the Time Zone.
  • Select the Starting date and time for the report to run.
  • Configure the Ending or the date/time at which the report will run. Ending can be configured by:

i. Date/Time
ii. Number of Occurences
iii. Or can run indefinitely

  • Configure the report RECURRING PATTERN or frequency if required.
  • Click OK to return to the Report Print Screen.


6. Click the ALERTS button to setup alerts for the batch job.

  • Select notifications as listed
  • Click OK to return to the Report Print screen.





7. Click OK on the Report Print screen to finalize the job and schedule the report.



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By Jasmine Chai, ERP Solutions Consultant, BDO Solutions, leading Canadian Microsoft Dynamics ERP & CRM Partner.

Jasmine has over 7 years of industry experience working with various versions of Microsoft Dynamics AX, from its days as AXAPTA to Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012. Jasmine has delivered ERP consulting services to a range of manufacturing clients including pharmaceutical and food and beverage.

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