GP Optimizer Summer 2013 Edition: Tool Tips for Your Microsoft Dynamics GP Garden

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Tool Tips for Your Microsoft Dynamics GP Garden

Garden you ask? Why, yes! We, Rockton Software, thought it would be creative to use a garden analogy when thinking of ways to make your Microsoft Dynamics GP work simpler and easier.

By now, you probably have your plot of ground (platform, ERP system, Microsoft Dynamics GP), your garden per se,in place and are trying different things each year to enhance what you have. We understand that “home grown” is the best and want to introduce you to our customer and partner grown product: Dynamics GP Toolbox.


History of Dynamics GP Toolbox

In 2009, we set out on a cross-country journey visiting our partners and customers on The Rockton Road Trip. During the trip, we often had folks introduce themselves with a great product idea. Most suggestions started with "Gee, it sure would be nice if..." Surprisingly, some of our products already did what was being suggested, and it was interesting to see the expression on their faces when we mentioned it. We often get feedback from partners on how customers like the details we add to our products, and the customer service that comes with it.

During the Rockton Road Trip, we ran a contest called . . . The Next Big Thing; we solicited product ideas from Microsoft Dynamics GP users and were amazed at the quantity and quality of responses. It was not one idea, but there were several suggestions that when rolled out together made for a great new product: Dynamics GP Toolbox, which debuted at Convergence 2010 in Atlanta.


Dynamics GP Toolbox has over 20 tools solving business needs around Security, Administration, Business Processes, and User Experience. Check out some customer favorites below!


Does your garden have a fence around it?
Security – tools that make your Microsoft Dynamics GP more secure

Inactivity Timeout allows a workstation to be gracefully logged out after a predefined period of inactivity.

  • Make room for other users to log in without causing any data issues.
  • You determine the time-period before the user is logged out.
  • Option to exclude specific users from ever being logged out, such as system administrators.
  • Great tool for those who have users who do not log out at the end of the day.
  • Users will not be logged out if they are in the middle of a process, or if they have a window open where there is partially entered data.Image 1 - Inactivity Timeout


User Lockout prevents the user from trying to log in after three unsuccessful attempts.

  • You can no longer open the login window and an administrator would need to unlock the locked user.Image 2 - User Lockout


Security Manager allows you to view, report on, and manage your security set up in a more intuitive way.

  • Simple interface allows easier navigation than the standard security windows in Microsoft Dynamics GP.
  • The right side of the window is the security grid that shows a list of all security settings for each user.
  • You can modify the security from within this window by double-clicking the cells in the security grid.
  • Export your security settings from this window into Excel, make changes, and import information back into Microsoft Dynamics GP.
  • Default filters can be used to sort your security information, or you have the ability to create your own.Image 3 - Security Manager


Other security tools include Password Policy Options, Safe Login, and Redirect.


Who oversees your garden?
Administration – tools that help the System Administrator 

System Maintenance Lockout prevents users from logging in, and forces users to exit the system when you want to run maintenance, such as reconcile, check links, and year-end closes.

  • Set the message preview time to allow user to finish what they were doing and log out.Image 4 - System Maintenance Lockout


Version Pro allows easier maintenance and version control over multiple 3rd party products on multiple workstations.

  • This also includes products like HR, Fixed Assets, and other GP integrated solutions distributed by Microsoft.
  • When users log in, Version Pro verifies that all products required by the system are loaded and the current version.Image 5 - Version Pro


Other administration tools include Login Logging and Conditional Field Level Security.


How many things are you growing in your garden?
Business Processes – tools that improve specific modules 

Payment Approval provides auditing and multi-level approval of payments processed through Microsoft Dynamics GP.

  • When a payment is created, it is tracked and routed for approval by up to 3 levels.
  • Choose whether or not the payments need to be approved in tier order.

 Image 6 - Payment Approval

  • You can use the payment approval window to track and view the payment approval process. You can approve and reject payments if you are an approver.Image 7 - Payment Approval (2)


Period Open/Close was designed to Open, Close, and Create Fiscal Periods across all companies from one screen.

  • Great tool if you have more than one company.
  • Saves time by allowing you to open and close multiple fiscal periods for multiple companies at one time.
  • Create new fiscal periods for multiple companies at the same time.

Image 8 - Period Open Close

 Other business process tools include Reason for Hold and DocSync.


Do you remember where everything is planted in your garden?
User Experience – tools that make the Microsoft Dynamics GP experience simpler and easier 

Mentor was designed to search for, open, and get information about windows in Microsoft Dynamics GP.

  • Short for Menu Locator.
  • Great for new users, but is helpful for everyone.
  • Allows you to enter a name or partial name of any window you are looking for and returns a list of potential matches you can choose from.

Image 9 - Mentor


Inspector gives detailed technical information about the tables and fields in virtually any window in Microsoft Dynamics GP or any Dexterity-based products.

  • Great tool for the IT team and for users who build reports, SmartLists, or Extender windows.
  • Technical information for the data you want is right there in one window.

Image 10 - Inspector


Dynamics GP Toolbox has something for every user of Microsoft Dynamics GP.

This collection of tools was created to solve everyday business needs.

  • System Administrators love saving user licenses with Inactivity Timeout, simplifying security with our advanced single-screen Security Manager, maintaining Dynamics GP with System Maintenance Lockout and preventing unauthorized use with User Lockout.
  • Accountants rave about the cross-company Period Open/Close and heightened AP management with Payment Approvals.
  • Power Users find data behind screens with Inspector, while new and experienced users alike feel empowered navigating Dynamics GP instantly using Mentor.


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Written By Marketing at Rockton Software, a Microsoft Dynamics GP Add-On Partner

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