Good, Better, Best: What Payroll Solution Fits Your Business?

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Having options is good, especially when it comes to business software. There are so many innovative products to choose from,  you can surely find the right solution that is best suited for your business. Preparing payroll absolutely requires the right software. You don’t want to waste time or make errors when it’s time for payroll, so choose wisely.

Good Payroll Software: Most basic enterprise resource planning (ERP) software includes a payroll management solution. Microsoft Dynamics® GP offers powerful payroll management, including automated processing, direct deposits, and the ability to manage varying payroll situations. This comprehensive ERP solution also offers advanced payroll management, such as labor accrual and coordinating payroll hours to the General Ledger. These important payroll functions may be all that you need for now.

Better Payroll Software: Payroll is not just about writing checks. You may need to use payroll and employee data to create financial reports. You can manage your full-time equivalent (FTE) data in a Microsoft Dynamics GP add-on solution called FTE Manager. With this solution, you can determine and manage budgeted and actual costs for specific positions throughout your enterprise. Control FTE by department or position during fiscal periods and compare your data over time. Controlling labor costs can have a positive impact on your bottom line.

Best Payroll Options: It is time-consuming to manage payroll data for a handful of employees, but when you are responsible for hundreds to thousands of people, you can quickly get sidetracked with employee questions. Provide your employees with the ability to check on their own payroll options using the Paycheck “What If” Calculator. Employees can evaluate payroll scenarios, such as changes in withholding or deductions, on their own and your accounting team won’t have to make and undo changes in your payroll software to get those answers. Empowering employees will quiet the phones in the accounting department and let your accounting team focus on other important financial business functions.

Choosing the right payroll solutions will add automation and improve the productivity of your accounting department. Contact Integrity Data for guidance on choosing the best payroll solutions for your business needs or browse our products.

By Integrity Data, Microsoft Dynamics GP ISV out of Illinois


2 thoughts on “Good, Better, Best: What Payroll Solution Fits Your Business?”

  1. This is great advice but I think with all the pitfalls in payroll that it's always a good idea to outsource it to the professionals. You could save valuable time and resources this way too.

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