Dynamics GP2013 – How to Print a New Sales Order in Just One Click!

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Printing a Sales Order can take several clicks.  But if you always print a Sales Order with the same options selected, you can create a macro, assign the macro a GP Shortcut and print a Sales Order with just one click.  Here’s how:

1.  Open the Sales Transaction Entry window and enter a new Sales Order document.  Do not save the document.  When ready, in the Toolbar go to Tool>>Macro>>Record.

2.  When the “Name the macro” window opens, provide a name for the macro such as “Print New Sales Order” and save it someplace safe on your computer.

3.   Now that the macro is recording, everything you click will be recorded too.  Select the print icon.  When prompted, save the document.  When the Sales Document Print Options window opens, select the options you wish such as “Include Orders” and “Include Kit Components”.  When ready, click the Print button.

4.  When the Report Destination window opens, select whether to print the Sales Order to Screen, Printer or File and choose whether you want to print the Standard form or the Word Template.  Select the OK button.

5.  On the Sales Transaction Entry window, go to Tools>>Macro>>Stop Record.

6.  Now we need to assign the Macro a GP Shortcut key.  On your homepage, right click on the Shortcuts folder.  Then go to Add>>Add Macro.  When the Add Macro Shortcut window opens, name the Shortcut “Print New Sales Order”.  Then browse out to where you saved the macro file and select it.  Next, assign it a Keyboard Shortcut such as F2.  When finished, click the Add button.

7.  Now each time you create a new Sales Order, just select the F2 key on your keyboard.  Voila!  Your Sales Order will print in just one click!


by Karen Soligon at Willoware Inc.

WilloWare Inc. is a firm dedicated to helping businesses achieve a positive
Return On Investment using Microsoft Dynamics GP. We do this by providing unique
products that help users be more efficient, and by partnering with you to create
client specific enhancements that streamline business activities.

1 thought on “Dynamics GP2013 – How to Print a New Sales Order in Just One Click!”

  1. Erik Christianson

    If I combine 2 macros, one that prints a quote and the other that prints an order, how can I get the macro to ignore the inactive of the 2?


    MoveTo field '(L) Print Quote CB' # 'FALSE'
    ClickHit field '(L) Print Quote CB' # 'TRUE'

    MoveTo field '(L) Print Order CB' # 'FALSE'
    ClickHit field '(L) Print Order CB' # 'TRUE'

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