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Many organizations still like to budget in Excel however, it can be cumbersome to get the budget data back into Dynamics GP.  They use Excel Wizard out of the box from GP then have to copy and paste columns to get it in just the right format to bring it back in.  Oh wait .. and if you added a new GL account it throws the rows off.  Or they could copy and paste the wrong budget numbers.

Can Your Budgeting Be Easier?

  • Do you manually update reports in Excel?
  • Do you have multiple workbooks linked together and if one thing is changed it messes everything up?
  • Do you copy and paste data in Excel just to import it into GP?
  • Do you spend hours trying to reconcile your budget after importing?

Full Circle Budget simplifies and automates budgeting and forecasting from Excel into Dynamics GP.  It allows users to input their budget in their own excel worksheets (in any format they want) and directly updates the budgeting tables in Dynamics GP.

Full Circle Budget for Microsoft Dynamics GP has the following features:

  •  Budget in a Excel worksheet format designed by your Company
  • Supports multiple Budget IDs in the same workbook and detail line item budgeting
  • Supports two comment/description fields per budget amount
  • Save budget amounts in real time or batch mode
  • Full audit trail of all budget updates and errors
  • Automatically create new accounts in Dynamics GP

Full Circle Budget eliminates the need for complex budget workbooks and workbook linking.  It is a simple add on for Microsoft Excel.  It is cost effective and you can have it implemented and trained on in about a day.  You can read more about Full Circle Budget software and our happy FCB users on our website.

by T3 Information Systems

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