Pros and Cons of Going from FRx to Management Reporter in Microsoft Dynamics GP?

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As technology advances, so do the platforms that run business software and the requirements to maintain it.  Computer hardware companies have begun implementing 64 bit operating systems into their products, which creates a big problem for Microsoft FRx users: it runs on a 32 bit system.  For companies that wish to compete on the leading edge of technology with 64 bit operating systems, migration onto Microsoft Management Reporter is essential.  64 Bit operating systems are growing in popularity, and discrepancies between 32 bit applications and 64 bit systems will increase with them, so it may be wise to explore the benefits of switching.

While 64 bit operating systems provide speed and better processing capabilities, there are pros and cons to consider when deciding if your company is better off using Management Reporter or FRx for reporting in Microsoft Dynamics GP.  These differences may be of great importance to your company’s reporting needs and can help in the decision making process.

Pros of Management Reporter (MR):

  • Easy Transition: FRx users will be familiar with MR as it uses rows, columns, and trees, and has the same screen layout as FRx.
  • Improved Performance: processing occurs on the server, freeing up the client computer for use while the report generates.
  • Spice Up Reports: logos and graphics can be added to reports, creating a professional appearance
  • Column Page Breaks: better control over what data is displayed on each page.
  • Undo Function
  • SQL Server: MR stores data on SQL Server rather than Microsoft Access, which increases stability and provides multi-user capabilities.
  • User Interface: MR retains the familiar look and feel of other Microsoft products like Outlook.
  • Report Libraries and Folders help organize reports.
  • More Flexibility: less restrictions regarding accounting segments
  • Enhanced XBRL Capabilities: good for public companies that report in XBRL
  • FRx reports can be moved into MR with an available migration tool.

Cons of Management Reporter:

  • Speed: some users experience slower report generation, which can be avoided using Data Mart to store GP data.
  • No emailing reports: SharePoint must be installed for sharing reports, unless users want to email Excel versions of the reports.
  • No Drill-down Viewer offline: users must be online to drill down into report details.
  • Fewer export formats: cannot format as Excel outline, export formulas, or pivot tables.
  • Lack of linking features: linking to worksheets is limited, and cannot link to Forecaster.
  • Inability to chain reports for printing.
  • No currency translation feature: currency translation must be done in GP.
  • DataMart Data: some issues with storing data accurately, can cause inaccurate reports.


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