GP 2013 Web Client: Rockton Software are your Products Compatible?

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With the new release of GP 2013, we, here at Rockton Software, often get asked the question, “Are our products compatible with GP 2013 Web Client?” The answer is yes, they are all compatible with one exception. Our Dynamics Report Manager product cannot be compatible because there is no client to install the Dynamics Report Manager Engine into, on the Web Client. The Dynamics Report Manager Engine is necessary to process reports to the Viewers.


If you are not sure that the Web Client is installed on a machine, there are two settings in the Dex.ini file that indicate the Web Client is installed on a machine:




More, related to the GP 2013 Web Client: If you have the regular Desktop Client and the Web Client installed on the same machine, this is not recommended. According to Microsoft, it is not possible to reliably run in an environment where you have both installed on the same machine. You will experience odd and inconsistent behaviors, due to the Dex.ini not getting updated correctly. It is also not just one or two dex.ini setting that doesn’t get updated; it is any dex.ini setting. And unfortunately, there are no manual updates or workarounds that you can make, until Microsoft makes changes to how the Dex.ini gets updated from the Desktop Client.


Written By Pam Rasmussen, Technical Support at Rockton Software, a Microsoft Dynamics GP Add-On Partner

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