Dynamics GP 2013 Favorite New Purchasing Features

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The new purchasing features in Dynamics GP 2013 will make things much better for us all. Some of the new features that I am excited to see are the printing of a 1096 form, the 1099 Update Routine, recreating of check stubs from payment inquiry, and my personal favorite, credits are now unapplied when voiding checks.

We all want the year end process and all it entails to go as smoothly as possible. In Dynamics GP 2013, 1099 processing will now be a little easier. GP2013 has added a 1096 form to the system. This feature has not been available in previous versions of GP but we are glad to see this one added in GP 2013. Another feature that is a plus is the Update 1099 routine. This feature will be a big hit for those of us who did not originally set up our Vendors with a 1099 status.  This routine will update the history and show all of the payments as 1099 payments once the Vendor status has been changed to a 1099 status.

Recreating a PM check stub in Purchasing is also available in GP2013. As I mentioned before, one of my personal favorite new features comes with voiding PM checks. GP now un-applies credits as well as the invoices when a check is voided. This is a wonderful new feature in GP 2013 and many of us will benefit from this one. These are just a few of the new features that will simplify things for you in Dynamics GP Purchasing.

by Jackson Thornton Technologies

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