The Cost of Microsoft Dynamics for Retail - Interview with Michael Griffiths Part 5

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Michael-GriffithsThis is Part 5 of an extensive interview with Michael Griffiths, Global Director, Retail and Distribution for Microsoft Business Solutions. This interview reviews the cost of Dynamics for Retail plus deployment and purchase options.

Editor: How much does Dynamics for Retail cost?

Griffiths: We've been thoughtful about the pricing strategy. Some vendors price module by module.  What we've done is give you a tremendous amount of out-of-the-box functionality, so when you buy Dynamics, you get retail and manufacturing and public sector, and you get e-commerce capabilities.  It all comes with your base purchase of Dynamics for Retail or industry capabilities come with Dynamics AX.

You get all of this rich functionality as an initial starting point.  We don't make you buy pieces of functionality along the way. But then the way we monetize it is depending on how many stores you have, how many points of sale you have. That means if you're a small retailer, you get a great amount of functionality but are only paying for the stores and, and the devices or the users you need.  If your business grows, then you’ll license more devices; in that way it actually is a solution that scales very nicely from a small retailer to a bigger one because you're only paying   for the usage of the functionality that you're taking advantage of.  We don't make you pay for 100 users for financials if all you're doing is using it as a retail management system.

Editor: Can Dynamics for Retail be deployed as an a la carte solution?

Griffiths: Yes.  We don't force people to rip and replace parts of technology if they're not ready to.  That’s important for us because, especially in the enterprise, people with existing SAP and Oracle deployments aren't just going to suddenly remove that.  But Dynamics becomes a great story to complement that.

Editor: Are there Dynamics Partners who represent and sell Dynamics for Retail?

Griffiths: Historically, Dynamics has been a very partner-driven space, so we have great partners who are experts in different verticals, including retail, and will deliver the solution for customers.  But, as we move into the enterprise space, working with companies like Carrefour, the second biggest retailer in the world, for example, that is when our Microsoft consulting team is involved. They are either working with a global systems integrator or our Microsoft Consulting Services Group. They have built out retail practices around the world, so that the customer can have that direct relationship with us.  Depending on where you are in the market, we have good partner options, and then as you move into the enterprise, we have both direct Microsoft engagements and global systems integrators.

This ends the 5 part interview with Michael Griffiths

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