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 Rockton Software has great products that can simplify your payroll processing routines in Microsoft Dynamics GP. Here are some ways I think our products could help your company:

  • The Payroll module requires a lot of looking up employee information by Employee ID, whether it is to make a change to the Employee Maintenance card or querying through check or transaction history. SmartFill is the perfect tool for this. SmartFill actually allows you to type part of the Name, Description, or WHATEVER you know into the Employee ID field, and then intuitively discovers the correct ID and types it in for you. No lookup required! This will greatly save you time and energy throughout your day.
  • How many times has a piece of employee information changed (i.e. pay rate, address, name, benefit, or deduction amount), but you have no history to determine who made the change, when the change was made, and what the original amount was? With our Auditor product, you can now have all of this information at your fingertips. Auditor is a simple data-change management tool, which tracks field and record-level changes to your system by user. Now you can answer the Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How of your system data. Auditor tracks old and new values of data fields, who changed them, when they were changed, and optionally can require a note for users to explain why they made a change, therefore, no more spending time trying to track down all of these changes. You can now easily see the data and report on it instantly with Auditor.
  • Reporting. There is a lot of routine reporting done with payroll processing. This includes month-end and period-end reporting, as well as other payroll processing reports. This can be time consuming to access reports each period located in all different areas of Dynamics GP, create or edit report options for each report and then generate these reports. With our Dynamics Report Manager (DRM) product, report processing can be made simply and easily. DRM allows you to create report groups with reports from various modules and types and generate in one location. That means you can have Report Writer reports from various modules, Crystal, SSRS, and Excel reports all needed for month-end processing. Rather than jumping all over Microsoft Dynamics GP and to other products, all of these reports can be generated with the click of a button in one location. This is a magical tool to speed up your report generating!
  • There are many windows in Payroll that users don’t access very often, such as the Payroll Year-end, Edit Liabilities, or Reconcile window, and can easily be forgotten until needed. With our Dynamics GP Toolbox product, the Mentor feature could help with this. With Mentor, you simply type in what you know about the window, and the tool will bring you back the window as well as the path to the window. This is saving tons of time by users not having to dig around to find these little used windows.
  • When creating new reports in Report Writer or Crystal Reports, it is necessary for users to know which tables and field names hold the data they want on that report. This can be a time-consuming and frustrating task for many users. However, with our Dynamics GP Toolbox product, the Inspector product can truly make this task simply and easy. Inspector allows you to open the actual window in Dynamics GP that holds the data you want to report on. Then, instantly returns the table and field information for you.

This is just a sampling of how our products at Rockton Software can help with your payroll needs. Please check out the Rockton Software website for more information or to download and do a 30 day trial on any of our products:

Written By Kris Berger, QA Development Lead at Rockton Software.

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