Re-engineering Intercompany Transactions with Microsoft Dynamics GP

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Many full service engineering companies structure their departments by engineering specialty and then form cross-departmental teams to optimize the coordination on big projects and in some cases bring in other companies to form a consortium to offer the optimal project resources.

 This particular engineering firm was made up of multiple specialized companies and they wanted to ensure that the costs and revenues were appropriately allocated across the companies and as well as to ensure the same level of allocation and reporting available for each of the different cost-centers within each company.

 With Microsoft Dynamics GP inter-company billing, the company is able to share resources across their organization while tracking individual project and company profitability. Through the automated process of inter-company entries the appropriate accounts payables and receivables are assigned to projects and companies — even supporting company/department markups based on different company rules.

 By entering this level of detail into the projects, it was then possible for the engineering firm to have different project evolution and profitability reports based on company/service/project to allow management to continually refine their approach to projects.

 This is idea #16 from the white paper: 25 Brilliant Ideas to Outsmart Your Competition with Microsoft Dynamics ERP. To learn about other creative ways about can you can stay ahead of the competition, download the document


By, JOVACO Solutions, a Quebec-based Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner,

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