Implementing Dynamics GP – Understanding the Business Process Review

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Once you’ve decided to implement Dynamics GP and have selected your partner, one of the next major steps is typically the Business Process Review.  Your Dynamics GP consultants will come onsite to gain an understanding of your business and how your internal processes flow.  It’s important that all your “subject matter experts” participate in these meetings as well as managers and executives.  Subject matter experts are those employees WHO understand and are involved in the day-to-day business procedures.

Some valuable information is drawn out of these meetings.  It is always interesting to find if the right hand of the business knows what the left hand is doing.  As informative as these meetings are, some useful objectives from the business review process should be:

  1. Clearly define your business process as it stands today.  And perhaps even more importantly, define what your future business process will entail.
  2. Set measurable goals for how your business should improve by implementing Dynamics GP.  For example, if a goal is “improve Inventory accuracy”, are you able to provide a current benchmark?  If not, you may want to modify your goal to “obtain the ability to track Inventory accuracy.”
  3.  Define your critical success factors.  What will make this implementation successful?  Many clients will include the traditional “on time” and “on budget” in these success factors.  These are important factors, but try to expand these into KPI’s such as “ability to determine profitability by item and customer” or “provide financial statements within X days of month end to stake holders.”
  4. Review your implementation plan.  During the Business Process Review you may find a few, new requirements that weren’t on your radar previously.  Should these be added to the initial implementation or outlined as a phase 2 for the project?  Many clients will hold off on implementing additional modules such as Fixed Assets, Collections Management or MRP until the optimization phase.  However, if adding another module immediately provides substantial benefit, it just may be worth it.

After the Business Process Review is completed, your partner should provide you with documentation on how Dynamics GP should be implemented including your high level system configurations, transactional processes and if there are any fit-gaps.  Working with your partner closely during the Business Process Review will provide them with the best understanding of your business, your requirements and your vision for how you’d like to see the company operate.

Written by Karen Soligon at WilloWare, a firm dedicated to helping businesses achieve a positive Return On Investment using Microsoft Dynamics GP.  WilloWare provides unique products that help users be more efficient, and by partnering with their clients to create client specific enhancements that streamline business activities.

By WillowWare

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