Consolidating Financial, Payroll, and Human Resource Systems into ONE...Yes, It’s Possible!

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Many organizations are stuck thinking that critical business operations can't be integrated. Call it a best kept secret, but you certainly can integrate financials with payroll and human resources. Linking these important core functions will save you valuable time and give you the confidence that employees are receiving the right paychecks each and every time.

Some businesses use specialty software to manage core financials, a separate software for payroll, and yet another software for human resources. While it may seem appropriate to use just the right software for each of these important functions, it actually is time-consuming and inefficient. Opening and closing applications, performing redundant data-entry, and an increased risk for human error are a few of the problems with using separate software programs. Instead, combine these important functions with Microsoft Dynamics® GP and Integrity Data’s GP Payroll and Human Resources (GPHRP) solutions.

Microsoft Dynamics GP is a comprehensive enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solution that manages finances, manufacturing, project and service management, supply chain, human resources and payroll, and other core business functions. Adding grease to the wheels are the solutions offered by Integrity Data that make running payroll and human resource functions even easier and faster.

Sometimes entering payroll is not as simple as typing in 40-hours for an employee. An employee may plan to take a few hours of vacation time, but manage to get called into work anyway. What might normally take 15 to 17 steps to correct a change in vacation time or weekly hours, takes only one step with Integrity’s negative payroll transactions. Whether you have 10 employees, 100, or 1,000, all these extra steps can easily cost you several days of time that you don’t have when paychecks need to get out every few weeks. A simple typo can result in an employee not getting the proper payment or miscalculating vacation time, causing you additional time to correct a mistake.

You can quickly and easily streamline payroll processing and human resources, and integrate core financials by using a combination of Microsoft Dynamics GP and Integrity Data software solutions. Improve productivity and ensure that your employees are being paid properly by using the right software. Contact Integrity Data for information about how you can best integrate payroll and human resources functionality into your Microsoft Dynamics GP software.

By Integrity Data, providing enhancements for Microsoft Dynamics GP Payroll and HR software


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