Accounting System Integration for HVAC Contractors

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The financials are the most important element to monitor for any business.  Monitoring financials for HVAC contractors can be a little more complicated than other industries due to the many moving parts of an HVAC business.  The trick is to control all those moving parts with technology like FieldBoss® and Microsoft Dynamics® GP to gain the insight you need to improve productivity and profitability.

FieldBoss was designed for industries like HVAC businesses who need to have tight management of customer contracts, repair and inspection details, parts and labor costs, and service requests, as well as HVAC specifications.  HVAC businesses can also manage scheduling and dispatch, marketing activities, and lead tracking through FieldBoss.  The best feature is that FieldBoss can be integrated with Microsoft Dynamics ERP which will tie all of your moving parts to your financials.

Insight into financials affects so many parts of an HVAC business.  It’s important to know how much cash you have available to invest in things like inventory, capital improvements, as well as the people you need in the field and in the office.  Cash flow can affect how many field service people and trucks you have in the field each day, which affects how many HVAC units can be inspected or repaired.  Having this insight and control over your cash flow will also make it easier to pay your parts vendors on time.  You can save money in late fees and be assured that you have access to the parts you need when a unit needs repair.  Getting cut off from a parts vendor can impact customer satisfaction and could cost you valuable long-term relationships.

Using FieldBoss and Microsoft Dynamics GP together offers an easier way to monitor as well as analyze your business operations.  Determine actual versus proposed project costs so that you can provide more accurate estimates.  You can also calculate the true costs for inspections, repairs, and the other services that you provide customers.  Knowing what it really costs to perform these services can give you the insight to improve profit margins.

Gain greater control and insight by connecting financials with the many moving parts of your HVAC business.  Leverage this insight to improve productivity, profitability, and customer satisfaction.  Contact Rimrock Corporation for more information about integrating FieldBoss and Microsoft Dynamics GP so you can manage your HVAC business with greater efficiency and drive growth.

By Rimrock Corporation, a Microsoft ERP Partner out of Toronto

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