Using Dynamics GP in a Make To Order Manufacturing Environment

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The Dynamics GP Manufacturing Module offers 3 basic ways to create Manufacturing Orders:

  1. Create Manufacturing Orders manually.  MO’s can be entered manually.  A user may need to generate an MO for the Finished Good and one for each of its sub-assemblies.
  2. Create Manufacturing Orders through MRP.  MRP makes suggestions that the user reviews and then selects to generate MO’s.  Users are able to “peg” items in order to determine their source of demand and suggested supply.  MRP improves efficiency, but many users aren’t ready to implement it right away.
  3. Create Manufacturing Orders from the Sales Order for Make to Order Finished Goods.  In a Make to Order environment, many users choose to generate MO’s directly from the Sales Order.  This step is quick and easy, but many users don’t want their Sales group generating Manufacturing Orders.  It also only creates the Finished Good Manufacturing Order.  The user must manually create the MO’s for the Finished Good’s sub-assemblies.

There’s another tool available that assists in generating Manufacturing Orders for the Finished Good and all of its subassemblies.  MO Generator by WilloWare creates a set of Manufacturing Orders for a parent item and all make-to-stock sub-assemblies below the parent. The Start Date of each sub-assembly is offset by the calculated run-time so that the components are produced into inventory before the upper level MO starts. For a make-to-order environment with complex assemblies, MO Generator saves a significant amount of time, and reduces errors over manually creating and scheduling each MO for a parent item and all of its sub-assemblies.

Another great feature is that all MO Numbers created by MO Generator are based off the Parent MO Number.  If the top-level Parent MO number is MO0059 then all Child MO’s will be numbered sequentially after that:  MO0059-0001, MO0059-0002, etc.

MO Generator also has an Excel Import utility which can be used to bring in a list of items to be made, such as might be generated from an external planning software package. Create a forecast or production plan outside of GP for the top-level items. Import the Item, Quantity and Required Date, and MO Generator creates and schedules an MO for each item in the spreadsheet, along with the MOs for all of the needed sub-components.

If you’d like to learn more about the MO Generator module or any of the time-saving tools that WilloWare offers such as their MFG PowerPack, please visit or send an email to

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