Sales Tax Showdown: How Online Sales Tax Affects Every Business

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If you are a retailer, then you probably have been paying attention to a bill that the Senate is close to passing which would require businesses that sell online or through catalogs to collect sales tax.  Currently, online and catalog retailers are only required to collect sales tax if they have nexus or physical presence in the states they are selling into.  Whether your business is selling online or off Main Street itself, many state revenue authorities are aggressively targeting out-of-state retailers for sales tax collection to even the playing field and help make up gaps in state budget shortfalls.


Avalara is hosting a Thought Leadership webinar addressing the current state of online sales tax at the federal level and how upcoming changes can affect your business. Register to attend this next Thought Leadership webinar on May 2, 2013, where you will learn the following: 

1.  Explanation of current ‘Amazon Laws’, The Marketplace Fairness Act, and how these affect businesses now and in the future
3. Discussion on federal legislation and how it affects the state level
4. Tips on how you can navigate aggressive states targeting out-of-state retailers

Register for this webinar to learn more about Online Sales Tax today:, and see how Avalara can address concerns with the changing sales tax landscape, so your business can easily and affordably manage sales tax. 

By Avalara, Sales Tax Compliance Automation for Microsoft Dynamics ERP

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