No Smoke or Mirrors at Infinia Integrator’s Convergence Booth- Just Error Validation, Speed and Ease of Use

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I was amazed at the overall response from customers and partners at Convergence 2013 this year in New Orleans.  Those who I spoke with seemed extremely motivated at improving their business use of Microsoft Dynamics by attending Convergence and visiting the Expo Experience center looking for additional solutions.  Since I worked the Expo Experience all week, I was able to meet many customers and partners wanting “easier” integration software for Microsoft Dynamics GP and NAV.  This consistent message was repeated time and time again:  ease and efficiency for integrations.

Infinia BoothHere are few fun stories from Convergence 2013:

I visited with one customer who currently owns integration software, but constantly has errors in the integrations that are difficult to trace down or difficult for the users to review detail regarding the errors.  Upon showing them the Infinia Integrator and the ability for the user to validate any errors on the screen, color coded, instantly made this customer an Infinia Integrator enthusiast.  Not only was she interested in purchasing the Integrator, she wanted to give me the integration software they currently owned, so I could show other users how difficult it was to troubleshoot errors.  While I didn’t take her software, she is looking forward to using the Integrator without having to review integration log files for errors.

Another booth visitor also spent some time reviewing the Integrator.  She was an IT user and was so impressed with the ease of use and speed that after the Infinia Integrator demo, she said she would be right back and left our booth.  Upon her return, she brought her company’s CFO to the booth with credit card in hand, wanting to purchase the Integrator on the spot.  After a brief chuckle and discussion, we arranged to talk after the show.

We had over 100 customers and partners visit our Integrator booth to vote on the next release of the Integrator enhancements.  We had many suggestions for them to vote on, all gathered from existing customers and partners over the last year.  After all the votes were in and the tally was compiled, the most popular new modules requested were the ability to allow users to Copy-Paste-Import transactions from Microsoft Excel to Dynamics GP in a currency other than the company’s default functional currency, and the ability to import multiple GL journals entries with one Copy-Paste-Import.  So stay tuned for more modules and improvements to the Infinia Integrator.

By Tom Myers of Infinia Integrator, an Excel Integrator Solution for Microsoft Dynamics GP

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