Microsoft Dynamics GP2013 - What’s the Difference Between a Test System and a Test Company?

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I’ve found that in conversations with GP users, many are confused by the differences between the terminology “Test System” and “Test Company”.

A Test Company is NOT a Test System.

A Test Company is part of your live environment and should only be used to “test” transactions. It is a learning and training environment that uses “live” data that is familiar to users.  Best practice states that it should not be used to test new modules or new versions of existing software.  And you should never deploy new software, new modules, service packs, and so on, without validating them in an isolated Test System.  It is essentially a Test Database within your Live Environment.

A Test System is a completely isolated, separate environment for Dynamics GP where you can install new modules, make changes to the database, test configuration changes, and other such activities.  A Test System should be used when the change to be tested could have adverse consequences in the live environment.

It is still preferable to have a Test System which uses a separate server, as it eliminates any possibility of a change in the test environment affecting the live environment.  However, with Dynamics GP 2013, there is a multi-tenancy method for a Test System.   If you would like to learn more about creating a multi-tenancy Test System within Dynamics GP 2013, you can follow this link to a valuable article written by one of our WilloWare developers:

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