Five Question Quiz to See if You Need a Workflow Solution

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There are many software solutions available for businesses interested in improving productivity and profitability.  A new type of technology that is rapidly gaining attention includes workflow solutions, such as U-LINC® by Integrity Data.  Take this short 5 question quiz to see if workflow solutions could be an asset to your business.

  1. Are you looking for ways to improve productivity?
  2. Is consistency important to your business operations?
  3. Do you spend too much time and money on training?
  4. Do you need a tool to make your employees'  jobs easier?
  5. Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, U-LINC might be the software solution for you.  U-LINC adds automation to your operations by introducing a step-by-step procedure for any process you chose to define in the software.  As each step in the process is completed, the data or document is routed to the next person for review or approval.  You can set up notifications so that you or specific people can be alerted when a process is completed.  A workflow could be as simple as notifying the sales manager when a customer price rate has been changed in the system.  You can create more detailed workflows, such as how to make changes to employee pay codes, adding a general ledger account, approving vendor credit levels, and much more.

Workflows make it easier for your employees to complete common tasks without deviating from procedures and without missing necessary reviews or approvals.  This automation will improve productivity, reduce the chance for errors, and introduce a reliable level of consistency.  While written policies and procedures, and hours of training are often necessary, a workflow solution, like U-LINC, is a more dependable tool that you can use to ensure that certain operations are completed the right way, each and every time.  Contact Integrity Data for more information about using workflows to improve productivity and consistency, and take your business to new heights.

By Integrity Data, an Illinois Microsoft Dynamics ISV

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