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There is truth to the adage that there is strength in numbers.  Working together, a group of people can achieve goals faster and more efficiently than individuals.   Using the right software can help you get your team on the same page and working toward your strategic goals.

Whether you provide products or services, you rely on a team of core employees to work efficiently at keeping your customers happy.  Many businesses choose to use specialty software to manage important functions such as the finances and payroll, invoicing, scheduling for manufacturing operations, customer and sales activities, and other core business functions.  While these specialty software programs may work well for those individual functions, they limit collaboration.  If manufacturing is getting a line ready, they need to consult with procurement to make sure inventory is at hand.  Someone needs to check in-house inventory and get back to scheduling.  Sitting in meetings, making phone calls, and shuffling reports by email can be time-consuming and distracting.

Connect your team by using an integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, like Microsoft Dynamics® GP ( An integrated solution such as Microsoft Dynamics GP encourages collaboration and promotes communication.  Data can be shared quickly and easily.  In addition, since the software works together, information can be entered once and used in several ways.  For example, payroll time and expenses can be shared with customer invoicing and inventory can be updated automatically after it’s allocated to manufacturing.  Your team can spend less time working independently and work more efficiently as a team, improving productivity.

An added benefit for using an integrated ERP solution is that it provides insight into all of your business operations.  Like standing at the helm of a ship, you can monitor key metrics in real time and take quick action when needed.  Microsoft Dynamics GP offers a RoleTailored interface that allows you to track inventory levels, budgets, the status of projects, or any information that you need for your job.  You can see bottom-line data and drill deeper to get additional details about core business activities.  Quick access to core information will make it easier for you to make the decisions that lead you toward your strategic goals.

Working as a team is more efficient than working individually.  Promote teamwork by using a comprehensive ERP solution instead of individual software programs.  Contact Associates Solutions, Inc. for more information about Microsoft Dynamics GP and how you can find strength in numbers and reach your strategic goals: 

By Associates Solutions, Inc., a Microsoft ERP and CRM Partner out of Kansas

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