Easy Navigation Options in Microsoft Dynamics GP Part 3

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In a couple of my previous blog posts, Easy Navigation Options in Microsoft Dynamics GP part 1 and Easy Navigation Options in Microsoft Dynamics GP part 2, we explored adding shortcut links to several areas in the system.  My final focus on the “Easy Navigation in Microsoft Dynamics GP” series is exploring the use of the available Toolbars.  When Microsoft Dynamics GP is first launched, you will have a Toolbar containing only the “Microsoft Dynamics GP” drop down, which contains access to much of the system's setup and maintenance type tasks.  What I want to show you is how to add series specific links contained in their own groupings that can be customized based on your needs in the system.

 Out-of-box Toolbar Option:

 easy nav part 3 image1

To start the Toolbar customization, right click anywhere on the standard blue Toolbar adjacent to the “Microsoft Dynamics GP” drop down.  You should see options lists for each module installed on the system such as “Sales, “Inventory”, “Purchasing”, etc… as well as options for “Standard”, “Main”, and “Custom”.  Selecting any of the module specific items in this list will make that Toolbar available for use.  The “Main” option will add much of the navigation familiar to users of the system prior to the version 10 release.  “Standard” adds popular links such as SmartLists, Task List, and Reminders.

 Easy nav part 3 image2


Here I have added the “Main”, “Sales”, and “Purchasing” specific Toolbars.  With the area “unlocked” (right click and look at the “Lock Toolbars, a check designates locked, an absence of a check designates unlocked), each Toolbar can be freely moved about and then “locked” down.

 Easy nav part 3 image3


Each of these Toolbars can be further customized to include other shortcuts or the default images changed to text so that the links are easier to identify simply by right clicking any of the Toolbars and selecting “Customize”.


Learn more helpful tips by contacting a Microsoft Dynamics GP partner like The Resource Group (https://www.resgroup.com/about-resource-group).


By The Resource Group, a Microsoft Dynamics Partner in Washington.

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