Brilliant Idea #11 Automotive Supplier Stays On Top of Shipments with Real Time Alerts in Microsoft Dynamics GP

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Scheduling production that is dependent on goods imported from China and Japan was a balancing act for an automotive supplier. A shipping container delayed by US customs or flooding on the Missouri could turn a tight schedule into a customer service disaster.

With a real time alert system built into Microsoft Dynamics GP the auto parts supplier now stays on top of any early or late sea shipments — giving them precious extra days to react to the new receipt date. With up-to-date arrival schedules of the sea containers, production can make contingency plans to either cover delays or speed up production to prepare for early deliveries.

The amount of information across the supply chain has increased exponentially from electronic bills of lading to web-based inventory tracking. Buoy your profits by using that information to build competitive edge.

Submitted by AIM Computer Solutions,

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