3 Dynamics GP Toolbox Tools that Make Microsoft Dynamics GP Users' Lives Simpler and Easier

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The Dynamics GP Toolbox by Rockton Software is a set of tools to make your life easier whether you are a system administrator or end user. There is a tool for everyone, but I am going to discuss the top three tools that will make Microsoft Dynamics GP work simpler and easier.


Inactivity Timeout

The Inactivity Timeout tool will gracefully log users out of Microsoft Dynamics GP after a pre-defined period of inactivity. You determine the period of time before the user is logged out. Users will not be logged out if they are in the middle of a process, or if they have a window open where they had partially entered data.

This is a great tool if you have users who do not log out when they finish their tasks or finish for the day. By gracefully logging them out, you make room for other users to log in without causing any data issues. What if you have users you do not ever want to log out even after the predefined time? There is an option to exclude specific users from ever being logged out, such as system administrators or managers.

Toolbox ERP 1
Period Open/Close

The Period Open/Close tool is a great tool if you have more than one company. It can be very time consuming to open and close fiscal periods for one company at a time. This tool will give you that time back by allowing you to open and close multiple fiscal periods for multiple companies at one time from the same screen.

Not only can you open and close periods, you also have the ability to create new fiscal periods for multiple companies at the same time.

Toolbox ERP 2



Inspector is a great tool for the IT team and for users who build reports, SmartLists, or Extender windows in Microsoft Dynamics GP. Inspector provides technical information about the tables and fields in most any window in Microsoft Dynamics GP, as well as 3rd party products that are dexterity based.
This tool will make creating reports, SmartLists, etc. simpler and easier since the technical information for the data you want is right there in one window, so you can easily find what you need.

Toolbox ERP 3


While these are just three of the tools in the Dynamics GP Toolbox, there are plenty more where those came from. Check out our list of tools by going to our website and downloading the Dynamics GP Toolbox – List of Tools.


Written By Rhonda Sutliff, Product Specialist at Rockton Software, Microsoft Dynamics GP ISV.

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