Why Do Businesses Need ERP Software?

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In our years of implementing enterprise resource planning (ERP) software for businesses throughout the Midwest, we have discovered a common goal - most organizations need to improve their customer service.  Although many run to customer relationship management (CRM) software at first, they soon realize ERP is that missing piece of the puzzle.

The customer has a big influence over businesses in today’s marketplace.  They want instant access to product information, quick online ordering forms, and immediate response when they have questions or concerns about the products they purchase.  As a result, personalized, swift customer service usually rates pretty high on the list of competitive advantages.  However, providing superior customer service doesn’t start and end with social media interaction and glitzy marketing campaigns.  Superior customer service is inter-woven throughout your business, which is why an ERP solution is more important up-front than a CRM solution.

A comprehensive ERP solution, like Microsoft Dynamics® GP (https://www.associates-solutions.com/products/gp/manufacturing.html) for example, integrates your entire business enterprise, not just the sales and marketing departments as with a CRM solution.  Microsoft Dynamics GP manages finances, manufacturing, supply chain, project and services management, and other core business operations.  In addition, it offers powerful business intelligence and reporting capabilities.  Adding automation and introducing consistency will improve productivity and accuracy from the front office to the back warehouse.  Your sales team can take an order and instantly share information with procurement, production, and accounting.  Raw materials can get ordered, manufacturing can be scheduled, and invoices can get prepared much faster and more accurately in an integrated solution, like Microsoft Dynamics GP.  This automation will eliminate common bottlenecks and reduce the chance for errors throughout the process.

ERP solutions also provide a new level of control over manufacturing operations and inventory management which also provides valuable insight into your supply chain network.  You can monitor inventory, in real time, to maintain healthy inventory levels.  Save money from over-buying inventory, a common mistake, and make improvements throughout your business.  Boost customer satisfaction by reducing the chance for backorders, which are costly and unfavorable for customers.  Inventory control and streamlined manufacturing operation create new efficiencies which translate to both time and cost savings for you and your customers.  In addition, getting products to customers faster is an important part of providing unsurpassed customer service.

How companies provide customer service may differ, but we have found that the common denominator points to the use of ERP software solutions.  Creating high quality, affordable products, and delivering them on time are all possible through the use of ERP software.  Read our post about Microsoft Dynamics® GP and learn more about an ERP solution that can ultimately keep your customers happy: https://www.associates-solutions.com/resources/blog/gp-2013.html.

By Associates Solutions, Inc., Kansas Microsoft ERP and CRM Partner

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