Integrity Data Software is Like Making a Sundae out of Plain Vanilla

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When you have a good thing going, it’s hard to imagine the need to make it better.  After all, if it works, why change it?  Microsoft Dynamics® GP Payroll users have a powerful business management solution in and of itself.  It works great alone and can be customized to suit specialized business needs.  However, when you add Integrity Data software add-ons, you’ve made your software even easier and more streamlined for the human resources and payroll departments – kind of like making a sundae out of plain vanilla ice cream.

Microsoft Dynamics GP is a powerful enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solution that manages finances, supply chain, manufacturing, project and services management, as well as provides human resources and payroll management functionality.  Businesses use Microsoft Dynamics GP to streamline operations, improve productivity, and provide detailed insight that can drive business growth.  This software solution adds automation to save time and reduce the chance for manual data entry and calculation errors.  Managers can manage the time and resources of their personnel and human resources can easily manage payroll and benefit packages.

Integrity Data makes a good thing even better by providing add-on software that can make human resources' responsibilities even easier to manage within Microsoft Dynamics GP.  Sometimes business have complex payroll entries, involving different client accounts and expense distributions.  The Employee Accounts and Splits add-on enables you to more accurately manage complex postings and helps ensure that you post entries to the right general ledger accounts.  Tracking vacation, sick, personal business, holiday, and other leave time is more organized when using the Comprehensive Leave Manager.  You can easily determine an employee’s unused time, calculate their allowable carry-over time, and manage other leave instances.  The Self Service Suite also enables employees to access their own leave time details, as well as submit leave requests, saving time for both the human resources representative and the employees’ managers.

The Payroll and Human Resources enhancements by Integrity Data enhance Microsoft Dynamics GP capabilities.  These software add-ons make it easier to manage complicated human resources tasks and can further streamline these common activities, improving productivity and data accuracy.  The Integrity Data solutions make a good thing better, like making a sundae out of plain vanilla.  Contact Integrity Data for more information about their Payroll and Human Resources solutions.

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