How to Prepare for When the Lights Go Out

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Were you just as shocked as I was when the lights went out during the Super Bowl?  What an unexpected event that interrupted game time, concession sales, and the enjoyment of fans both in the Superdome and at home.  Similarly, supply chain interruptions are also unexpected, can impact sales, and usually create a great deal of customer dissatisfaction.  It’s time to do what you can to minimize risk by assessing and strengthening the weak links in your supply chain and having plans in place when a break occurs.

The first place to inspect your supply chain is in your technology.  Using spreadsheets or specialty software may not provide as much security as a comprehensive enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution.  Microsoft Dynamics® GP ( is an integrated solution that offers visibility between financials, purchasing, sales, manufacturing, and distribution operations, as well as other core business functions.  Connecting the dots between each of your internal operations will give you greater control over inventory, manufacturing and distribution operations, and delivery of final goods or services.

An integrated solution, like Microsoft Dynamics GP, will put all of your critical supplier data at your fingertips.  Know where to order high quality raw materials, including pricing and delivery information, so that you can get the ball rolling when a customer calls for an order or makes a change request on an existing order.  Quickly review inventory data to determine whether you have enough in-house or need to place a new order to satisfy customer demands.  Should a supplier be unable to satisfy your needs, then look to other suppliers to fill that gap.  The quicker you can access supplier data, the quicker you can fulfill customer orders.

Using ERP extends control into the warehouse as well.  Know where your inventory is located, and in what quantity, whether you have one warehouse or several.  Strategically organize inventory storage so that your team can pick, pack, and ship with greater efficiency and accuracy.  Transfer inventory between warehouses, or directly to your customers, and reduce the chance for buying more inventory than you need.  Operating with leaner inventory loads saves money and keeps the warehouse free of overloaded bins or excess boxes on pallets.

Without a reliable ERP solution, you risk delays and losing the data you need to find high quality raw materials or the products that you provide your customers.  Check out our customer case studies to learn more about how Microsoft Dynamics GP can help you:


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