How to Find Out What Version of Microsoft Dynamics GP You Are Using

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When you call technical support for Dynamics GP, the first question you will likely be asked is, “What version of Dynamics GP are you using?” What can be confusing is that the name of the Dynamics GP system is not necessarily the version number anymore. Here are step by step instructions to quickly find out what version of Dynamics GP you are using.

1)      Click on the “?” in the upper right corner of your Dynamic GP screen.

1) Click on the “?” in the upper right corner of your Dynamic GP screen.

2)       Choose the “About Microsoft Dynamics GP” dropdown and you will see this screen. The version number you are looking for is in the top line of the right column (shown here):

Choose the “About Microsoft Dynamics GP” dropdown

So in this example, the version number is 18.2. The product name is actually just “Dynamics GP”. As of the October 2019 release, Microsoft stopped using a year after the name.  Yes, that does make it a bit confusing.

Confused? Here is a handy chart:

Dynamics GP Product Names, Release Dates, and Version Numbers Chart:

Product Name Release Date Version Number
Microsoft Dynamics GP (Oct 2019 Release) Oct 2019 18.2.1060
Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 R2 Oct 2018 18.00.0628
Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 Dec 2017 18.00.0400
Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 R2 Dec 2016 16.00.0552
Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 May 2016 16.00.0406
Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 R2 May 2015 14.00.0725
Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 Dec 2014 14.00.0524
Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 R2 May 2014 12.00.1745
Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Dec 2012 12.00
Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 May 2010 11.00
Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0 May 2007 10.00
Microsoft Dynamics GP 9.0 Nov 2005 9.00
Great Plains 8.0 June 2004 8.00
And older…..

The steps above are the most accurate way to figure out what version of Dynamics GP you are using. You could check CustomerSource or have your partner check the Microsoft VOICE system, but in both these scenarios, the system could show the version you are authorized for, not necessarily the one you have currently installed.

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