Easy Navigation Options in Microsoft Dynamics GP (part 1 of 3)

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Navigation with Microsoft Dynamics GP can be made easier by using some of the basic features available on the Home Area page of the system.  By utilizing the sections “My Reports”, “Quick Links” and user-created shortcuts, one can configure the system to provide easy access to windows, reports, and SmartLists commonly used without navigating through Microsoft Dynamics GP different series related Area pages.  While the system currently has functionality built around the “My Reports” and “Quick Links” sections, I tend to not use these as there is not a way to categorize and group different shortcuts.  I want to show you an easy way to set up shortcuts that offer this level of categorizing and grouping.

 Here’s a look at our standard Microsoft Dynamics GP Home Area page without any custom shortcuts. By the end of this, we will have custom shortcuts set-up to our most commonly used areas in each module, links to our favorite SmartLists, and shortcuts to commonly accessed websites all logically grouped together using folders.

 By right-clicking in the white-space area and selecting “Add”, we are presented with the options: “Add Window”, “Add SmartList”, “Add Macro”, “Add Webpage”, “Add External Shortcut”, and “Folder”.  What I want to do is add 3 initial folders “Window Shortcuts”, “SmartLists”, and “Websites”.  Within the “Windows Shortcuts” folder, I add additional folders for “Sales” and “Financial”.  In each folder, shortcuts to windows, SmartLists, and websites can be added.

 In the end, we will have a Home Area page with our shortcuts neatly grouped together, allowing easy access to windows, SmartLists, and websites used throughout the day.


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By The Resource Group, Microsoft Dynamics GP partner in Washington.

Easy Navigation Options in Microsoft Dynamics GP part 1

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