Brilliant Idea #8 Restaurant Chain Uses Business Intelligence to Compare Profitability By Location With Microsoft Dynamics GP

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Trying to manage 38 restaurants is challenging enough, but when you don’t have dependable daily sales reports to monitor cash, measure cost versus sales performance and forecast future sales, it’s even tougher. Efficient daily transaction processing and reporting is critical to good restaurant management.

Using Microsoft Dynamics GP and an integration with each of their restaurant’s Point of Sale system, the restaurant chain has automated the entire process. With one click, the accounting clerk automatically creates the GL and AP transactions in each company. Complete and accurate daily information allowed the company to implement a BI (Business Intelligence) solution to make the most of their data.

Through BI reports, the location and regional managers have comparative metrics and analytics with daily information on the profitability of each restaurant in comparison to other locations. The company is able to quickly identify and take advantage of the practices at the top performing restaurants to apply across the company.

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