Brilliant Idea #6 Food Manufacturer Minimizes Cost of Product Recall with Microsoft Dynamics GP

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While every food manufacturer hopes they never
face a recall, smart food manufacturers are ready to minimize the damage. When  a very smart specialty jelly producer identified a possible “Listeria” contamination, they were ready to act quickly to avoid any consumer impact.Full tracking of specific inventory items, by lot, by date and by quantity in a warehouse management system directly connected to Microsoft Dynamics GP allowed them to identify exactly where all affected products were in their distribution supply chain. The lot was recalled and every jar accounted for. No bad press for one smart jam maker.

While this event was not attributed to raw materials, they could have easily traced each component back to their suppliers as well. End to end supply chain control.

The company met their obligation to the FMSA – Food Modernization and Safety Act signed into law by President Obama and minimized the costs and impact associated with product recall.

Submitted by Appolis,

This is just one example of how to outsmart the competition using Microsoft Dynamics ERP. Download the full white paper today for more examples “25 Brilliant Ideas to Outsmart Your Competition with Microsoft Dynamics ERP” at as a PDF or MP3 audio.


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