5 Tips for Getting Ready for Convergence 2013!

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Start planning early— 
It’s amazing how fast the month of January flips on my wall calendar after I have just celebrated the holidays and a new year. January . . . already! Time for planning and preparing for our largest tradeshow of the year—Convergence! In January, sometimes December, you send off your sponsorship check to Microsoft and then wait. Within a short time, Microsoft will contact you with your booth selection day based on when they received your payment at your sponsorship level. Then, once you know what day you get to pick your booth location, you are anxiously waiting for that email to hit your Inbox titled Convergence Booth Selection. Hurry up! Look at the floor plan, strategically pick your booth, email it in, and then wait… Whew! Within a day or so, you are given your results of your booth selection, and that is ONE thing off of your to-do-list.


Have a checklist—
A checklist is mandatory in our marketing department at Rockton. Why you may ask? If you don’t have a checklist, you will end up in stress therapy. Not to mention all the “early bird” specials that can save your Marketing budget a LOT of money. Here’s a tip: always ask for a discount no matter what you are purchasing, the worst they can say is no, but don’t be afraid to ask—you might be surprised! My checklist has now become a Kanban Board, due to Rockton newly adopting Agile Development Process; my Convergence tasks include everything from paying the sponsorship fee to having our shipment labels printed out for when our booth returns home.


Have a team meeting to discuss your goals for attending Convergence—
It is important from a marketing standpoint to know all the intended goals from the executive level on down; this includes what they expect to gain from attending Convergence. As the Marketing Manager at Rockton Software, I use that knowledge to create our promotions, how we interact with attendees at the booth, and how I bring the entire Convergence team together to meet these goals.


Customize your questions on your lead retrieval units—
It costs a lot of money to gather your data from Convergence, so take time and discuss the important information that you wish to attain for future marketing campaigns; this is also a beneficial time to get feedback on your sales and support services directly from customers. I also recommend if you are sponsoring an event, such as Rockton sponsoring the SpOt Party  https://thespot2013.com/, create a question for those attendees just coming by to be scanned to win a grand prize; then, you are able to sort out that information when importing your Convergence leads.


Have your post Convergence marketing plan in place before you go—
Email Marketing Nurture Programs are a great way to touch your new Convergence leads. If you have your emails created beforehand, then once you get back from Convergence and import the leads, all you have to do is create your email marketing lists and hit send! Rockton uses ClickDimensions (https://clickdimensions.com/tour/email-marketing.asp), it integrates amazingly within our Microsoft Dynamics CRM.


Come stop by Rockton’s Booth #1851 at Convergence 2013! And, do not forget to meet the Rockton Team, before Convergence 2013.


Written By Alina Filipczak, Marketing Manager at Rockton Software, a Microsoft Dynamics GP Add-On Partner www.rocktonsoftware.com.

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