10 Realizations Customers Discovered at the Microsoft Convergence 2013 Conference (Part Two)!

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In our last blog post we previewed the first 5 “Favorite Finds” our customers learned at the Microsoft Convergence 2013 conference, today we share their Top 5 take-a-ways that they can’t wait to share with their teams:

  • 4.  Kofi Annon’s closing keynote was very enlightening.  To hear the former General Secretary of the United Nations say these quotes was certainly thought provoking: “The purpose of the UN is not to take a man to Heaven, but prevent him from going to Hell”; “Sometimes you have to shake hands with the devil to save lives”; “I’m rather ambitious about Africa, not just in the sense of Africa feeding itself, but also about making Africa essential in food security systems”; and “We’re all in a cruise ship and if water is entering at one end, we are all at risk”.


  • 3.  95% of our clients own Mekorma’s MICR check solution.  So the two newest features in their product lines: Print checks from several companies from one screen (previewed in a video here) AND send EFT or Direct Deposit remittances to the payees automatically from within Microsoft Dynamics GP was like having GP itself improved! Users are now scheduling their Mekorma updates for the 10+ enhancements presented in the last 24 months – and then plan to implement the new cross-company module too!


  • 2.  Customers shared their favorite smartlist reminders with each other.  Some have already told me how great it is to be able to do things immediately upon returning from Convergence – like apply controls for simple things like “non-batch” posting notifications.


  • 1.  By far the best “Easy Button” feature delivered with GP2013 was the ability to SELECT A PRINTER AFTER hitting the print button (like all the rest of the office products). Click here to view a Collins Computing Print preview video.  Even though we all knew it would be #1, the presenters of the Top 10 GP 2013 features session (Errol, Mark & Mariano) might have been surprised at how loud the applause was for this beloved, long-awaited necessity.


Of course we have hundreds of “Take-A-Ways” from Convergence, and we plan to share them with the appropriate customers we have who missed this year’s event.  If you are in need of a Microsoft Dynamics partner who is willing to share features you can take advantage of within the products you already own, contact Collins Computing right now!


If you were a current client I’d have already invited you to attend our Free Webcast on “Implementing the Tip Found at Convergence”…


By Abra Lynne Gilman, Senior Consultant, Collins Computing, Inc.  Count on Collins | Count on Success!




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