10 Realizations Customers Discovered at the Microsoft Convergence 2013 Conference (Part One)!

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During the last lunch at the Microsoft Dynamics Convergence conference in New Orleans we conducted a “Customer Feedback Meeting” with the Collins Computing customer attendees.  We asked our customers to share their “Favorite Finds” or the gems they will be bringing back to the other members of their organizations.  Although we have hundreds of take-a-ways from Convergence we’ve distilled it down to the top 10 items that seemed to resonate with most of our attendees.


Today we’ll provide “Favs” 10-6 and tomorrow we’ll post our top 5:

  • 10.  The Web Client features in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013. The customers knew it was coming, but the GP 2013 Web Client includes more modules than they were first told it would have within its capabilities, and more modules are coming in Mid-April!
  • 9.  After attending a couple of sessions, the customers find that the Excel Refreshable Reports are easier to implement and use than they realized. They can even build dashboards which include ratios – and make them pretty by doing simple things like turning off the gridlines.
  • 8.  While sharing their top tips from previous years, several customers now realize you can use the plus (+) and minus (-) keys to move a date field forward or back without having to actually type the dates (keystroke savers are always favorites)!
  • 7.  Customers loved the point of view shared by David Giambruno, the CTO of REVLON, while on-stage during the Opening Keynote: ““the speed of beauty and glamour is unforgiving… Microsoft Dynamics gives us the edge we need to stay ahead in the market… We won’t out-spend our competition but we can out-speed them.
  • 6.  The excitement around Management Reporter 2012 is even bigger after customers attended sessions on the enhancements added with the latest Rollups (Specifically #3 & #4). The key surprises they found were around Web Viewer quick links and the ability to auto-summarize the total rows with 1 click; excel worksheet linking; currency translation updates; and the available methods and locations of saving/distributing reports.

Too excited to wait for the Top 5 discoveries our customers found at the Microsoft Convergence 2013 conference?  Contact Collins Computing today to understand how you can use these tips and more features throughout your organization immediately.

Collins Computing has been selling, implementing, supporting, and providing services for customers using Microsoft Dynamics GP for two decades.  We keep current with the benefits our customers are most excited about so we can share them with our entire customerbase.

By Abra Lynne Gilman, Senior Consultant, Collins Computing, Inc.  Count on Collins | Count on Success!

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