Why Dynamic Businesses Bring the Online Experience to the Store

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The brick and mortar retailer still beats online retail as the most common place transactions happen, and there's a good chance things will stay that way for the foreseeable future. But as Microsoft has stated in Forbes magazine, the online experience has transformed the way that consumers approach business.

The modern consumer always has internet access, and uses it as a shopping research tool in their daily life. Meanwhile, social networks allow consumer experiences to spread rapidly, whether they are good or bad. Finally, online stores like Amazon track user purchases and behavior and make customized recommendations that are more personally useful.

For years, the trend has been to export retail into the online world. Microsoft argues that that trend is in some ways reversing, in the sense that future retailers will bring the online experience into the brick and mortar store.

They argue for the replacement of the term “Point of Sale” with the term “Point of Service.” Transactional data is no longer the only data that matters. Retailers need to offer consumers a personalized experience that they can appreciate. They must also go beyond tracking the results of mass media campaigns, and start tracking the impact of their efforts on the front lines, right at the Point of Service.

Most retailers aren't yet up to this task. They don't have the technology or the software to accommodate these needs. Services like Microsoft Dynamics allow retailers to develop customized solutions, while capitalizing on the ease of use expected from consumer software and devices. Dynamics is built to work with the Microsoft programs that employees know how to work with, and hosting solutions are available so that retailers don't need to install costly native systems.

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