Where Will I Find You at Convergence 2013? 4 Easy Meeting Points

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Over 11,000 people are expected in New Orleans for Convergence 2013, the largest annual Microsoft Dynamics user event. And I have heard that the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center in absolutely huge.  We have 20 clients and 6 CAL team members attending – so how will we find each other? Where can I plan to meet people during the 4 day event? Here are 4 convenient places to meet based on my event research:

1)  Atrium Café: I am told this is a large area with tables, like a mall food court area. And there is a Starbucks at one end. That is always a great place to meet!  To get there, if you’re walking down Convention Center Blvd., go past the second covered drive at Phase II of the building right past Hall D.  This portion of lobby space is where the Atrium Café is located (on the first floor - Lobby C; shaded in purple).  If you’re inside the building you can enter it from Lobbies B or D. atrium cafe

Tip: the ERP and CRM Software Blog members plan to meet at this Starbucks on Monday at 3pm if you want to meet any of us in person. Perhaps an autograph or two?

2)  Convergence Café: Just like your favorite neighborhood hangout, you’ll find tables and couches where you can meet-up with others, productivity areas to utilize the Wi-Fi and recharge your devices, and some fun refreshments courtesy of our Microsoft Dynamics customers. The Convergence Café is located in the Convergence Experience Center (CEC), Hall C.

3)  Meeting Points: Need an informal place to meet? There are six (6) Meeting Points distributed throughout the NOMCC. Each Meeting Point location is simply marked with a “Meeting Point” sign and has tables and chairs, power, and wireless connectivity for your use.

4)  Meal Hall Tables: For your convenience, 50 of the meal hall tables will be numbered 1 – 50 for ease in locating fellow attendees during conference meals. All meal hall tables are for general use, but you’ll find the numbered tables toward the back of the meal hall.

floor plan

New Orleans Convention Center Floor Plan

Now you know where – but what about when? It is a busy event so check the agenda to see when you have free time to arrange meetings.

Our Simplified Agenda for Convergence 2013

Official Agenda for Convergence 2013

I hope to see you at Convergence 2013 – if you can find me.

By Anya Ciecierski, CAL Business Solutions, www.calszone.com

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