Shouting Over the Excitement of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013

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As with any major product release, there is a lot of information to sort through.  I want to take this chance to call out, loudly, that Microsoft Dynamics® GP 2013 is changing the way ERP systems are managed and deployed.

This updated ERP software is a game-changer starting with the over 125 features and functionality enhancements that make an easy-to-use software even easier to use.  These changes have further streamlined the features that small and mid-sized businesses have been enjoying year after year.  Now, you can enter and access data faster, with fewer key strokes.  Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 also strengthens interoperability with other commonly used Microsoft products, such as Microsoft Office and Microsoft Office 365, which further improves collaboration and information sharing.

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 also offers more flexibility with deployment and how your team can access critical business information.  You can deploy on-premise, in the Cloud, or customize a hybrid deployment which includes a combination of both.  You can choose to maintain core business data at your primary business location, for example, while using the Cloud for email and data-sharing.  Businesses with multiple locations, field service employees, or a team of sales employees who spend more time with customers than in the office will enjoy the ability to connect to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 using a Web client.  Your team can stay connected with colleagues at the office, share documents, route approvals, and keep real-time data up-to-date no matter where they are located and at any time of the day.  Instant access to data from inside or outside of the office will boost collaboration and reduce common bottlenecks that delay projects and services.

You can also reap the benefits of this popular ERP software even quicker.  Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 now offers RapidStart services, an implementation process that takes only a few hours or days, instead of weeks or months.  Don’t waste any more time than you need to between choosing ERP software and getting it deployed.  RapidStart services will get you up to speed faster.  The faster you can deploy the ERP software and train your team, the faster you can begin to streamline operations and improve productivity.

Make this an exciting new year of change for your business.  Implement a flexible, robust ERP solution that can take your business to new heights.  Contact Associates Solutions, Inc. for more information about Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 and how this game-changing ERP software is worth a loud shout-out:


By Associates Solutions, Inc., a Microsoft ERP and CRM Partner out of Kansas

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