Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 - High Time to Run Payroll In-House!

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For Microsoft Dynamics GP users, outsourcing payroll may seem like a great idea.  It certainly made sense in the past since Microsoft was not aggressive in making the payroll and human resource modules very robust.

In March of 2007, Microsoft improved their payroll and human resource modules by adding core functionality and increasing the options the end user could purchase.  With the addition of Advanced Payroll, Advanced HR, PTO and Business Portal, Dynamics GP users could enjoy payroll and human resource functionality that reflected the 20th century. (Note: I mean 20th not 21st)

Now Microsoft has released Dynamics GP 2013; what does this mean to the thousands of GP users, both current and future?

With the release of GP 2013, there will be no additional cost for the Payroll and HR modules.  Will your organization re-evaluate outsourcing payroll once you upgrade to GP2013?  If not, why?  Are you fully convinced that outsourcing payroll is your best option?  Do the numbers substantiate your position?

There is an old joke – a little girl was watching her mom prepare a ham for dinner.  The mom cut off both ends of the ham: the little girl asked “Why do you cut off the ends of the ham?”  Mom replied, because grandma always did… “Why did grandma cut off the ends of the ham?” asked the little girl.  “I don’t know.” answered the mom, let’s call grandma and find out.  Upon calling grandma, the little girl asked why she cut off the ends of the ham; grandma replied, “Because, I didn’t have a pan big enough for the ham!”

With the release of GP 2013, would it be wise to assess how the new circumstance may affect your approach to payroll?  Wouldn’t you like to make sure you are not cutting off the ends of the ham just because that is how you have always done it?

  • What is the cost factor of outsourcing?
  • What resource allocation would be required to do payroll internally?
  • Would the employees prefer more direct access to their payroll information?
  • Would it be more efficient to have direct access to robust reports without multiple steps and costs?

What questions does your assessment include?  What is the cost of doing a payroll assessment?  Can your partner help you with a payroll assessment?

If you would like direct assistance in assessing the cost of outsourcing payroll vs. doing payroll internally, the professionals at Integrity Data have been the payroll and human resource experts in the Microsoft partner channel since 2003.  Let them help you understand which practice is best for your business.

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