Managing Your Growth with Microsoft Dynamics GP, Binary Stream, SalesPad, and AZOX

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A prosperous, Midwest-based wireless company with more than 50 locations was experiencing growing pains.  Continued success and growth are always exciting for a company and terrific problems to have. It’s wonderful to be doing well, making a difference by helping generate economic achievement for your employees, vendors, and community. However, the company also faced some serious challenges to continued growth, including the stress on an outdated financial system (QuickBooks) and a busy, non-integrated e-commerce website. The TM Group has worked with many fast-growing businesses, so this company turned to us to help it design and implement a Microsoft Dynamics GP-based business system to provide a sound foundation for growth through a multi-phase solution.

Having multiple locations, this company needed both a consolidated view of all locations as well as the ability to look at each location individually or as groups of locations. There are several ways to accomplish this with Microsoft Dynamics GP. Using the base system, the company could set up each location as a separate database and use the inter-company module where locations shared expenses or revenues. However, the finance team would then need to log in and out of each database to make changes or pull information. With more than 50 locations, each a separate legal entity, this would waste an immense amount of time logging in and logging out. True company-wide reporting would also be more challenging with multiple databases involved.

Consequently, The TM Group’s consultants recommended Binary Stream Software’s Multi-Entity Management solution for Microsoft Dynamics GP. The implementation of Binary Stream’s multi-entity solution with Microsoft Dynamics GP enables companies to run multiple locations in a single database. This adds the option, when entering a transaction, to specify what location the transaction belongs to in all modules, including sales order processing, purchase order processing, inventory, payroll, general ledger, fixed assets, and accounts payable and receivable. They can even take one invoice from a vendor and split it across multiple locations in one screen. In addition, they can now set up automatic inter-company transactions to ensure that invoices get proportioned appropriately instead of having to do this manually;  finances will be more accurate and in real time. Multi-Entity Management will also make it easier to set up new locations as the company continues to grow. With Multi-Entity it takes only 15 minutes to set up a new location, a process that would take two to four hours in the base Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Having laid the proper financial foundation, The TM Group turned our attention to improving the company’s sales order processing. We recommended the implementation of SalesPad, a popular Microsoft Dynamics integrated solution vendor. SalesPad delivers an all-in-one order entry, inventory, sales management, and customer service solution that integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics GP. Utilizing SalesPad simplified the entry of sales documents by the company’s warehouse staff, thereby saving the sales and customer service teams time and frustration. They could now process more orders with fewer resources, and with the simple configurable document entry screen, entering more quotes and orders, invoices, and returns is a breeze.

Now that the company’s employees had a more robust and user-friendly financial and order entry system, The TM Group could concentrate on improving its e-commerce solution. The TM Group recommended AZOX software, which is built specifically on the Microsoft Dynamics GP platform and allows the company to automatically connect pricing, payments, inventory, its customers, and orders directly to GP with their Integrated E-Commerce web solution. With AZOX Credit Card Extension payment processing for Microsoft Dynamics GP, clients can securely pay online with a credit card or ACH or by check utilizing Azox’s unique, secure and fully integrated products for Microsoft Dynamics GP.

The benefits this wireless company gained from the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics GP with The TM Group are available to many companies in many industries. If you are looking for a dynamic solution to your growing business, please contact The TM Group today at 888.482.2864 or visit our website at


By Jennifer Swiderski (Marketing Manager), Perry Kountouriotis (Consulting Manager), and Ken Jacobsen (Director of Sales and Marketing) at the TM Group

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