How Microsoft Dynamics Can Help Governments Do Better Business for Less Money

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One of the challenges facing any government is to try to find ways to be better at the business it does without spending more money in the process. In the private sector, companies can adjust spending and even take a loss at times in order to build a better business. For government it is usually a bad idea to decide to spend more money, as that often means raising taxes. To help governments meet the challenges of doing business, Microsoft's Laura Ipsen has some helpful advice.


Microsoft Dynamics can help governments become agile and transparent by enabling them to have quick access to information and providing them with tools that can drive innovation, provide insight and accountability, and improve constituent service.  These governments must balance reduced budgets and still serve a growing number of constituents. To do this, they need to find new ways to innovate with technology and do something new with less.


Ipsen gives the example of Dehli Integrated Multi-Modal Transit System. This public service needed a better way to mobilize its 16 million citizens without getting bogged down by manual processes, disparate applications, and siloed systems. Microsoft Dynamics AX allowed them to formulate more streamlined processes with fewer redundancies. In doing so, they made their business processes faster and more efficient.


Microsoft listens to its public sector customers and delivers the tools and services they need to fit their often unique and complex scenarios. The solutions Microsoft offers are encapsulated in its concept of Dynamic Government. By answering the diverse challenges that local, regional, and national governments face, Microsoft helps make the services that all of us share and use daily a little better.




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