GP Optimizer Winter 2013 is here!

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GP Optimizer Winter 2013 Edition

GP Optimizer Winter 2013 Edition is ready to be downloaded! It is a free, online publication that includes articles written by Microsoft Dynamics GP ISVs. The articles inside of GP Optimizer focus on solving a problem and optimizing the user-experience in Microsoft Dynamics GP.

 The articles featured on the cover of the publication are "Making Receivables Easier to Manage and Managing Long-Term Investment Assets' by ICAN Software and "Improvement in Quality Improves the Economy" by Horizons International. All articles include different tips and tricks to make Microsoft Dynamics GP work simpler and easier.

 Download your copy of GP Optimizer Winter 2013 Edition by Rockton Software—now!

 Written By Nicole Sexton, Social Media Coordinator at Rockton Software, a Microsoft Dynamics GP Add-On Partner.


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