Budget for Dynamics GP 2013 Hardware and Infrastructure Requirements and Costs

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The release of Dynamics GP 2013 includes some great new features. But I feel that I want to hold up a sign saying: “Warning, May Cause Infrastructure Investment.” We have found that many of our Dynamics GP users and prospective users are operating on hardware and software that is no longer supported. Unlike past upgrades, there is more likelihood you will need to upgrade your hardware infrastructure and operating systems in order to be compatible with Dynamics GP 2013. So we want to make sure this is included in your budget. What is the cost? As always, “it depends”.  When talking about IT purchases there are so many different options available to you. But we have done our best to give you the information you need to know plus some sample costs.

For an overview refer to: Recommended system requirements for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013  versus Recommended system requirements for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010.

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Infrastructure Compatibility Highlights:


Windows Server:

  • No longer supported: Windows server 2003 (or earlier)
  • Options:
    • Basic: Windows Server 2008R2 (approximately $6,000 for Dell or HP)
    • Progressive: Windows Server 2012 (same)

Database server:

  • No longer supported: SQL Server 2005 (or earlier)
  • Options:
    • Basic: SQL Server 2008 R2 ($1,000-2,000 depending on number of users)
    • Progressive: SQL Server 2012 (same)


Operating System Software:

  • No longer supported: Windows XP (or earlier)
  • Options:
    • Basic: Windows 7 (if an upgrade from XP, purchasing new PC is best bet)
    • Progressive: Windows 8 (same)

Microsoft Office Software:

  • No longer supported: Office 2007 (or earlier)
  • Options:
    • Basic:  Office 2010 ($200 - $500 based on type of license purchased)
    • Progressive:Office 2013 (same)

Minimum Workstation Space Requirements:

2GB Hard disk space
32-bit ODBC DSN is required

Note: SharePoint Services 3.0 and MS Office SharePoint Server 2007 no longer supported.


Before choosing an upgrade path, this is an excellent opportunity to evaluate what your infrastructure roadmap is and to incorporate it into an overall IT strategic plan. Areas you may want to consider:

End-user hardware devices:

What mix makes the most sense for future computing needs?

  • Desktops, Laptops, Tablets, Hybrid tablets – i.e. Windows Surface

Budget: For a middle of the road desktop PC (for example HP Compaq 6300 Pro pre-installed with Windows 7 or 8, 3.2GHz, 4 GB of RAM and a 500 GB hard drive) the cost without monitor is approximately $750.  (Monitor add  approx.. $220)

Cloud – Email & Collaboration

  • Hosted Exchange vs. buying Exchange licenses
  • Microsoft Office 365 and GP integration

Hosted Dynamics GP (outsource to a data center vs. running in-house)

  • More secure than running it within your four walls?
  • Evaluating all costs involved with on-premise vs. cloud deployment

Budget: To host Dynamics GP in a data center budget approx.. $2,500 set up fee plus $282 per month per user for a subscription or $185 per month per user if you already own the Dynamics GP software.


  • Is it the time right to move from physical to virtual servers?


  • Should you archive on Day 1?

Data back-up & recovery

  • Should tape be replaced by disk backup?
  • Are written policies and procedures in place?
  • Cloud backup – what to look for in a service provider

Remote access

  • Pros & cons of VPN, Terminal Services and Citrix – expense,      security, performance
  • Can virtual desktop technology be a viable option?

Web server (required if you are running the GP web client)

  • All machines must have valid certificates (SSL)
  • Server must be IIS-enabled
  • Clients need IE 8 or 9, Silverlight plugin and Office 2007 or better


  • Addressing the balance between security vs. practicality & usability
  • Taking a fresh look at web server and firewall configurations

For some companies, this is an opportune time to use the Dynamics GP implementation or upgrade as a focal point for a series of related IT improvements.

If you are interested in implementing Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 and would like to discuss the hardware requirements, please contact CAL Business Solutions sales@calszone.com . We can recommend an IT services provider or work with your existing IT team or provider to make sure you make the best investment.

Thank you to our Dynamics GP client and partner, The Walker Group, a local Connecticut IT Services Provider, for assistance in gathering this information and pricing.

Find out more about Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 attend our Dynamics GP 2013 Launch Event in Farmington, CT on May 10, 2013. Dynamics GP 2013 Launch Event Details & Registration

By CAL Business Solutions, Connecticut Microsoft Dynamics GP partnerwww.calszone.com

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