The Importance of Running File Maintenance in Microsoft Dynamics GP

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I like to compare running Check Links to changing the oil in your car. It is a bit of insurance that things will run smoothly in the future. Your car may be operating just fine, but an oil change is necessary. Without one you know there will be trouble down the road.

The same could be said about Check Links. When you run Check Links it examines the GP tables, checking corresponding information in related GP tables, and fixes damaged data. Many times Check Links is run to correct a specific error that a user is experiencing, however it should be run periodically as a part of your scheduled maintenance plan. Contact your Microsoft Dynamics GP partner for scheduling recommendations.

Prior to running Check Links it is imperative to have a full back-up and have all users exit GP.

To run Check Links go to: Microsoft Dynamics GP>Maintenance>Check Links

Note that the series is selected from a drop down list first. We recommend you run Check Links separately for each series as the process can be timely. Also, it may be difficult to determine in which series the error originated if all series are selected at once.

First select the series from the drop down list. A list of Logical Tables will populate in the left hand column. Click on the ‘All’ button at the center of the screen. This moves all of the tables into the ‘Selected Tables’ column at the right. If you only need to run check links on one table, simply highlight the table on the left and click ‘Insert’.

Next, click ‘OK’. Select ‘Screen’ for the report destination as the report could be quite lengthy. You will have the opportunity to print the report once it is printed to screen if you desire.

Many users opt to start Check Links just as they leave for the day, or during lunch to reduce end user interruption.

If you would like more information in regard to Dynamics GP Check Links give us a call at 207.761.2133 and ask for extension 302.

by Tidestone Solutions, Microsoft Dynamics Partner in Maine

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