SalesPad Order Entry for Dynamics GP and WMS complete your Supply Chain!

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“Cradle to Grave” traceability of your inventory within your “eco-system” can be achieved today through powerful tools that compliment Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains)

So where does it start?  Where does it end?  And what is everything in between that I need to consider?  The origin of Inventory starts with a Sales Order.  Without a sales order, there is no need for inventory.  Think about it … sales orders are generated from demand … demand for your products.  In the distribution industry, inventory is the supply that is needed to meet this demand.  If we can automate the beginning of our Supply Chain … everything gets easier downstream.  Complex Lot/Serial tracking data-entry, when automated, is done once.  Making it easier to track and trace, easier to report on the real-time visibility to each inventory movement, and easier to protect your brand and corporate image in the event of a product recall.

According to FDA guidelines such as the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) passed by President Barack Obama, the eco-system of your inventory needs to track one level back to your suppliers and one level forward to your distribution network or customer base.  So the first visibility to our inventory demand is driven from Microsoft Dynamics GP Sales Order Processing (SOP) with tools such as SalesPad Order Entry or Handshake’s iOS based Order Entry system.  Automation means real-time visibility to demand and can drive the organization to Just-in-Time (JIT) supply.  We can all agree that this efficiency alone can drive a competitive advantage for your Distribution business!

Now let’s automate the receiving of raw materials and finished goods with proper lot and serial tracking attributes.  WithoutWire™ Warehouse Management System (WMS) from Appolis is a leading example of a tool that can help us automate all of the lot-tracked inventory movements … receiving, bin transfers, inventory adjustments, site transfers, in-transit, picking sales orders and remote inventory tracking.  WithoutWire is an efficient tool in closing the loop on our supply chain.  It drives standard procedures, discipline and compliance.  WithoutWire complements the power of Microsoft Dynamics GP’s capabilities as a powerful accounting tool, by providing a powerful inventory tracking tool with Key Performance Indicator (KPI) reporting to the real-time movement of your inventories.  What inventory is available for sale?  What inventory is available to promise or allocate?  What inventory is available for Dynamics GP manufacturing?  What item-lot combinations are in question due to health, safety concerns or in Quality Assurance Hold? 

In the event of product recall, you are in charge.  Each movement into and out of your supply chain has traceability through individual user log-in credentials, with a time/date stamp to each movement with items and their tracking attributes.  Powerful scanning tools range from ruggedized mobile computers from Intermec or Motorola to the power of smartphones and tablets.  Smartphones and tablets are increasingly entering the supply chain with semi-rugged barcode scanners and powerful user-interfaces that significantly reduce training time, costs, and complexity to deploy!  iOS or Android based applications from Appolis are emerging in distribution with rapid adoption.  It’s not just the sales team who needs visibility to inventory available for sale, but for technicians who track consumption on their jobs and projects in the field.  Remote locations are now “inside” your supply chain eco-system.  Visibility to inventory consumption means auto-replenishment and real-time invoicing will optimize your cash utilization.  Simplifying the jobs of your cross-functional teams … finance, warehouse, sales, purchasing, and IT are all enabled through these best-of breed automation solutions brought to you by Appolis and sales entry solutions.

By  Steve Dwyer, Vice President

Appolis Inc

2 thoughts on “SalesPad Order Entry for Dynamics GP and WMS complete your Supply Chain!”

    1. Thanks Michael. We have found that the most powerful supply chain solutions can be simple to implement at the same time. That lowers the risk for GP Client's and also provides them the quickest ROI using WithoutWire Warehouse Management from Appolis!

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